Garmin Forerunner 910XT vs 310XT Side by Side Comparison

If you are serious about your multi-sport activities then see our side by side comparison between the Garmin 910XT vs 310XT.  You will have all you need to compete in a small form factor with wireless uploading to Garmin Connect where you can analyze all your workouts.  Both watches will carry you through running, biking, swimming, and more. […]

Garmin Edge 200 vs 500 Difference Between Review

See our Garmin Edge 200 vs 500 comparison below to determine the best cycling gps for your needs. Both units are GPS based and compatible with Garmin Connect. The Edge 200 will give you the basics while the 500 has quite a few more bells and whistles including ANT+ which will allow you to connect […]

Garmin Edge 500 vs 800 Compare Difference Between

Garmin Edge 500 vs 800 is a side by side comparison of the Garmin cycling GPS’s. In addition, you will find images and videos to help in your decision making between the 2 units. Check out the What’s New section to see exactly the upgrades made from the 500 to the 800. As you go […]

Garmin Edge 500 vs 510 Side by Side Review

The Garmin Edge 500 vs 510 takes the features of the 500 and builds on that foundation for the 510.  Let’s take a look at the key upgrades to be found. New Key Features on the Edge 510: Larger Screen – Including Color and Touchscreen Connectivity Features – Pair with your smartphone (iOS and Android) to […]

Garmin Edge 800 vs 810 Side By Side Analysis

We take a look at the Garmin Edge 800 vs 810. This comparison is useful for cyclists who are either considering upgrading from the 800 or who are first time buyers for the 800 or 810. The major upgrade for the 810 is the addition of mobile and social connectivity. By linking up with the […]

Garmin Edge 510 vs 810 Difference Between Review

The Garmin Edge 510 vs 810 will give you a detailed breakdown of these 2 gps-based cycling computers. Some notable upgrades include the 510 touchscreen, improved battery life, and the connectivity with the Garmin mobile app. While connected with your mobile app you will have the following capabilities: Live Tracking Instant Upload and Ride Sharing […]

Garmin Forerunner 310XT Review

Garmin Forerunner 310XT will be the indispensable tool for both runner’s, biker’s and triathlete’s. The GPS enabled wrist watch goes in to the water, on the bike, and finishes off with a run. All the while it is tracking data which it sends wirelessly to your computer. The device has a battery life up to 20 […]